Jacky is the eldest daughter of legendary gospel innovator Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark. Influenced by their mother’s work, Jacky and her younger sisters formed the world-renowned award-winning gospel singing group The Clark Sisters. On March 29, 2005, Chisholm released her first solo album, Expectancy on the Entheos Records label. On this album she teamed up with songwriter/producer Carnell Murrell, Autun Foster, and Doreonne Stramler. Recorded live at the Cathedral Center in Detroit, the album’s background vocals were supplied by a special assembly of vocalists, which included two of her children, Angel and Aaron Chisholm, as well as Lorenzo Clark, her sister Denise Clark-Bradford's son. The choir was directed by Bryon Stanfield. Her vision for the album is simply meant to “minister to the heart and soul, to restore the people of God who’ve been hurt working in the church. Her signature vocals can be heard on “Oil of God,” “We Are Overcomers” featuring Twinkie Clark, and the urban Gospel tune “My Soul Says Yes.” The album also features a duet with Jacky and Ron Winans and a special appearance by the Clark Sisters together on “Blessing Me.” As a performer, she has often taken major roles in nationally touring gospel stage plays such as Lawd Have Mercy, Mama Don’t, Can A Woman Make A Man Lose His Mind, and The Man of Her Dreams. While her sibling counterparts are known for their impassioned vocals, Chisholm in contrast is known as the "sweet-voiced" sister. Chisholm asserts. "People have a need to meditate upon their own personal relationship with God, and I think that the kind of music I wish to perform will give them the space to reflect on God from their own points of view."

Jacky is married to Glynn Chisholm and the mother of three children, Aaron, Michael, and Angel. In addition to this she is also an Evangelist at her home church, Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God In Christ in Detroit Michigan. Bishop J. Drew Sheard, Senior Pastor. He is also the Chairman of AIM and husband of her youngest sister Evangelist/singer Karen Clark Sheard. She has been appointed Director of the Youth Choir for the Church of God in Christ, Inc. National Music Department.

In addition to singing with The Clark Sisters, Chisholm soon emerged as a formidable leader in business. She became spokesperson for the group, managing promotion, correspondence, public relations, interviews, and the like, all while earning a nursing degree. Along with her mother, and sister Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark, Chisholm helped with the establishment of the Dr. Mattie Moss Clark Conservatory of Music in Detroit, Michigan in 1979. Trusted as administrator of the school, Chisholm developed a curriculum and organized workshops that have trained hundreds of students over the years.She is also a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, and has done radio and television commercials for New York Life Insurance. Moreover, her stature provided her a platform as a motivational speaker for fundraisers such as H.O.P.E. South Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa.Professionally, Chisholm has been an instructor for the American Red Cross for 10 years. She recently earned a bachelors degree in Family Life Education and Psychology and plans to open a counseling center for battered women and children.