DISCOGRAPHY - the clark sisters

Jesus Has A Lot To Give (Billesse, 1973)
The Clark Sisters 1973 debut produced by and recorded on their uncle Bill Moss' record label found the girls barely in their teens singing with the fervor and conviction of women twice their age. This project signified many great things to come. One of the most significant occurances was the developing songwriting skills of a teenaged Twinkie Clark finally making its way to record. The title track and a few other gems such as "If You Don't Know Jesus By Now", were inspired by commercial jingles and secular songs. Other tracks include "No Friend Like Jesus", "If You Can't Take It" and "Don't Let The Devil Get You Down". Who would have thought that three decades later they would still be going strong? I'll tell you who, everyone that listened to this impressive debut.

Dr. Mattie Moss Clark presents The Clark Sisters (Billesse, 1974)
The Clark Sisters return a little older and a little bolder on their sophomore set. The opening number "Renew My Spirit" features Mattie Moss Clark on lead vocals. As the record plays, each sister showcases their very mature vocal abilities. Still in their teens, Dorinda works the driving "Sanctify Me Lord" and even preaches with Twinkie's encouragement on the breakdown of "Holiness"; Denise displays her piercing soprano voice on the persuasive "Something Worth Living For" while the powerhouse Twinkie Clark fervently sings "What A Wonderful World" (If Everybody Was like Jesus). One of the most memorable songs of this recording is the futuristic sounding "Hallelujah" that turns into a foot stomping hand clapping good time as young Karen encourages the listener to "clap their hands and praise the Lord".
Unworthy (Sound Of Gospel, 1976)
Opening with a piano solo from Twinkie and the legendary Dr. Mattie Moss Clark’s raspy vocal tone, “Jesus Loves You” starts off this album with encouraging lyrics and showcases that classic Clark harmony. Currently a standard in many of today’s churches worldwide, “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” shows all five of the Clark Sisters in the beginning stages of their rise to gospel notoriety. There’s a raw element to all of these selections recorded in the late ‘70s. The album is a true blast from the past with the soul-stirring “I’m Going to Have Just What I Want,” which displays Dorinda’s churchy call-and-response style and continues with her touching exhortation on the title track. “My Mind Is Made Up” and “Keep On Looking Up” display Twinkie’s innovative musical interpretations of jazz, soul and swing as she effortlessly moves from one genre to another without ever losing the essence of The Clark Sisters’ unique brand of gospel. She takes her sisters a step further and even leaves a lasting impression with her progressive rendition of “The Start Spangled Banner.”
Count It All Joy (Sound Of Gospel, 1978)
Sounding as if it was recorded right from the pulpit of a Holy Ghost-filled, fire-baptized sanctuary, “A Praying Spirit”, now one of the most famous hits from the Clark Sisters, starts this album off in the right direction featuring Karen’s signature lead soprano vocals. The album continues to build momentum with its title track’s lyrics persuading Christians to count everything we endure with joy. Later, two guest appearances from Dr. Mattie Moss Clark with her daughters remind you to “Prepare Yourself” because it’s “Time to Seek the Lord.” Twinkie also shines as she leads the rejoicing with her sisters on “I Found What I’m Looking For.” The Clark Sisters’ tight yet soaring vocal arrangements also stand out on tracks such as the stuttering declaration of “No Other Name” and the rapid intensity of the infectious “Patience.”
New Dimensions of Christmas Carols (Nine/Sound Of Gospel, 1978, #SOG 085)
The Clark Sisters add their own distinct flavor to classic Christmas carols. Renditions of "Go Tell It On The Mountain", "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" and "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" are just a few of the nuggets on this recording. The arrangements of "Silent Night" and "O Come Emmanuel" are done in perfect Clark harmony. Dorinda works the very churchy "Seeking For Me" as only she can.
He Gave Me Nothing To Lose (But All To Gain) (Sound Of Gospel, 1979)
“My Life Is So Complete With Jesus” combines The Clark Sisters thick harmony with elements of swing, jazz and gospel to create a surprising vocal concoction only obtainable by the maestro herself, Twinkie Clark. This album once again features lead vocals from Dr. Mattie Moss Clark on a few selections, but it doesn’t stop there. Another Clark classic was birthed on this album (hence the title track “He Gave Me Nothing to Lose”) and further cemented the Clark Sisters’ definitive sound in gospel music history. Each of the Sisters’ vocal contributions uniquely adds to the groove on the soul/funk guitar-based “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and the Sunday school skip of “Determination.”
Is My Living In Vain (Sound Of Gospel, 1980)
The first live recording by The Clark Sisters spent an entire year at number one on Billboard's Gospel Music chart. Opening with the bluesy title track, each sister vocally declares that their dedication to Christ is not a useless effort. The innovative "Haya" was funky enough to find its way into a Tonex produced track over two decades later. Songs such as "Pure Gold" and "They Were Overcome" were derived straight from the word of God. Deep faith is roused by Karen Clark's positively possessed lead on "Speak Lord" while the call to worship is raised on the emphatically delivered "Now Is The Time". Another hit from this release "Expect Your Miracle" is still a staple on Sunday mornings in black churches across the country.
You Brought The Sunshine (Sound Of Gospel, 1981, #SOG 132)
The classic ‘80s release from The Clark Sisters features the title track that secured their bonafide hit on the Gospel charts while establishing their controversial crossover appeal into secular music genres. This album continues to display Twinkie’s signature blend of scripture with unprecedented vocal and musical arrangements on biblically based songs like “Psalms 31.” Nostalgic Clark fans find their favorites like the sincere prayer found within the lyrics of both “Center of Thy Will” and “Endow Me,” featuring a young but still vocally mature Karen, and also the simply sassy “Overdose of the Holy Ghost” where Dorinda’s alarming similarity to her mother’s vocal dexterity is evident. The discotheque-inspired “He Keeps Me Company,” complete with its bubbly syncopation, is sure to encourage listeners everywhere during even the loneliest of moments as we continue to fight the good fight of faith.
Sincerely (New Birth, 1982, #7058)
This is a collection of some of the best music recorded by the sisters. The only problem is that its success was overshadowed by the prepotency of the previously released block buster hit "You Brought The Sunshine", but that did not stop this from receiving a Grammy nomination. The opening number "Name It, Claim It" featured super tight harmonies, a jazz scat from baby sister Karen and a guest appearance from R & B power house DJ Rodgers. Upbeat numbers such as "I'm Encouraged", "Keep Moving" (the last recorded track to feature all five sisters on lead vocals) and I'm In Good Hands" solidified The Clark Sisters as THE premiere vocal group in gospel. Not only was this the last Clark Sisters recording to feature sister Denise, but also the last to feature a guest appearance from Dr. Mattie Moss Clark.
Best (Spirit and Truth, 1986)
This unauthorized recording features remastered and remixed versions of songs from The Clark Sisters first two albums. Now a collector's item, The Clark Sisters Best showcases the best of their very early humble beginnings. With most of the songs coming from their debut "Jesus Has A Lot To Give", the label managed to squeeze in the original version of "Hallelujah" from their second lp, a song that will go down in history as one of the best shouting numbers.
Heart and Soul (Rejoice, a division of Word Records, 1986)
Released after a four year recording break “Heart and Soul” is the first of three albums on Word Records and quite possibly their best produced project and most cohesive. This project made an impressive top 5 debut on Billboard's Gospel Charts and garnered the group a coveted Dove Award. Featuring the original versions of “Jesus Is A Love Song”, “Balm in Gilead” and the prophetic “Pray for the USA", which has been re-recorded several times. The harmonies and musicianship present us the maturing and seamless sound of The Clark Sisters that we have grown to love. The music takes on a more contemporary sound with programmed drums and synthesizers, but the vocals remain true to form. Also included on this hard to find classic is “Smile, God Loves You,” “Time Out” “I Am Blessed” and the funky “He’ll Turn Your Scars Into Stars.”
Conqueror (Rejoice, a division of Word Records, 1988)
One of the most critically acclaimed albums ever released from the Clark Sisters, Conqueror spills out from your speakers with futuristic vocal arrangements and spectacular studio production featuring a bolder, more intense sound from the Clark Sisters collectively and individually. Twinkie’s musical genius is exhibited as she borrows from more progressive sounds of the late ‘80s to enhance the overall foundation of the project. Her engaging songwriting skills and inimitable vocal chops remain strong and forceful, but even turn sweet and charming on the adorable R/B-influenced “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.” Karen’s anointed powerhouse vocals on “Take Me Higher” ascend way beyond imagination while Dorinda preaches her way through the drum machine-heavy synthesized “I Won’t Let Go Till You Bless My Soul.” Catch Jacky as she grabs the mic and confidently bounces into a deep ‘80s pop groove on “So Much Joy Inside Me.” Conqueror quickly became a fan favorite with hits like the encouraging “The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Day” and the original studio version of “Jesus Forevermore” while gaining the Clark Sisters yet another hit album. 
Bringing It Back Home (Rejoice, a division of Word Records, 1989)
The last recording from The Clark Sisters on Word Records’ Rejoice imprint and the last group album with Twinkie just before the launch of her solo career, this album brought the sisters back to their hometown of Detroit, Michigan and back to the live stage setting where all the magic happens. This recording features a complete package of surprises for the die-hard Clark fan with a medley including some of their greatest hits like “Is My Living In Vain?”, “You Brought The Sunshine,” and “Hallelujah.” The Clark Sisters also bring new material with Twinkie’s signature lead vocals as she jams on “So Much He’s Done For Me,” Jacky’s soothing presentation on the praise number “Wonderful Counselor”, Dorinda’s blazing energy and improvisations on the hit single “My Redeemer Liveth”, and Karen’s commanding performance on “Prayers of the Righteous.” The album even features guest appearances from gospel icon Rance Allen and backing choir vocals from The Michigan State Choir directed by Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Fans and Clark enthusiasts can also experience the Shekinah glory with the accompanying live VHS version of this album. It’s sure to continue to be a household favorite.
Miracle (Sparrow, 1994)
This is by far the sisters most commercial release to date and the only full recording without the songwriting or vocals of Twinkie Clark. Produced by BeBe Winans & Michael J. Powell, this disc features a very pop version of the Clark Sisters classic "Expect A Miracle" (now titled Miracle), a remake of the classic "Jesus Is The Best Thing" and a breath taking rendition of "Amazing Grace" with Karen taking it home as only she can. Also, one of Karen's most subdued recordings is on this disc, the beautiful "Simply Yes". Upbeat numbers such as "He's A Real Friend", "No Doubt About It" and "It's Gonna Be Alright" round off this project. Also, Dorinda made her songwriting debut on a Clark Sisters recording with "Work To Do".
Live - One Last Time (EMI Gospel, 2007)
It has been nearly two decades since Jacky, Dorinda, Karen & Twinkie have released a full cd as a group and this is one of the most anticipated releases of 2007. Effectively produced by Donald Lawrence, who described this project as a dream come true, this landmark recording effortlessly mixes the old with the new. The captivating opening number "Livin" is a bouncy number celebrating a blessed life. Karen shows her maturation as a songwriter on the soulful "Blessed & Highly Favored" while Twinkie puts her stamp on "Something New" and "You Heard My Cry". In true Dorinda form, she wrote and sang the very funky "Looking To Get There". Donald Lawrence contributed the opening number and the beautiful "Instrument of Praise". A trip down memory lane is always a treat for the true Clark fan. "You Brought The Sunshine", "Holy Will", "Name It Claim It", "Got An Angel", "My Redeemer Liveth" and "Pray For The USA" are just a few of the songs that we know and love. This project has been a long time coming but it is truly worth the wait.
Clark Family Christmas (Karew, 2009)
A family that prays together stays together. What a joy to see the Clark Sisters and their respected, talented family members united for their second holiday project, Family Christmas. This time, J Moss and Kierra Sheard join the cast along with Bill Moss Jr. on an eleven-track project fused with both live and studio offerings. Most of the features contain Asaph Ward's jazzy contemporary gospel style embedded in familiar holiday treasures. Twinkie Clark delivers her share of arrangements on the angelic "Oh Come Emmanuel" and a gospel choir-styled version of "Silent Night," but the absence of her legendary organ skills are too hard to ignore. Probably the album's strongest effort is the humorous, impromptu performance of "The Chipmunk Song." The girls are just a joy to hear interacting with one another, especially on the closing seconds.


Praise Belongs To God (1979) Sound of Gospel Records
Even 25 years ago, the Mother of Contemporary Gospel was proving her chops. Her first solo project proved why Twinkie is considered one of the greatest composers and musicians in music. The ten minute plus “Praise the Lord” is like hearing three songs in one. Her rendition of the classic “Fountain Filled with Blood” has become a classic all over again. The funky “Jesus, I’ll Never Forget.” and the jazzy “O Taste & See” make this a must have. It doesn’t hurt that The Clark Sisters and members of The Winans provide background vocals.
Ye Shall Receive Power (1981) Sound of Gospel Records
Released right at the dawn of the crossover success with her sisters, this CD is a textbook example of allowing yourself to grow as an artist musically, but never losing that traditional message of the Word of God. This project was way beyond anything that was going on in gospel. The arrangements were sheer genius. From a Negro spiritual to 80’s funk to classical, Twinkie was undaunted by critics who felt that her music was sometimes too "worldly". The opening number and title track has the rhythm and funk of a Donald Byrd composition. The arduous vocal and rhythm arrangements of "In Him There's No Sorrow" and "Awake O Zion" could have only come from a musical genuis. Other classics include the oh so encouraging "His Yoke Is Easy" and the beautiful "My Soul Loves Jesus" which ends in a captivating classical piano solo by Twinkie that would cause Beethoven to take notice. Accompanying background vocals by The Clark Sisters, Marvin Winans and a then unknown Shirley Murdock doesn't hurt.
Comin Home (1992) Aviday Records
This is out of print and very hard to find. It is a hint at the new wave of contemporary gospel music, which was driven more by the beat than anything. However, it contains the title track, “He Does Exceedingly”, “Battles in the ‘90s,” the original “Feed My Sheep” and a powerful rendition of “Soon I Will Be Done/Be Still My Soul” in tribute to her mother.
Presents The Florida A&M University Gospel Choir (1996) Crystal Rose Records
This is actually one of the best live recordings around. Besides Twinkie singing and playing, you get all of her sisters doing a solo turn, plus a reunion track “Nothing to Lose” featuring the four sisters together on record for the first time in 7 years. Also included are “I Won’t Complain”, “Coming Again So Soon,” “Let Everything That Hath Breath” and “Complete the Work.
The Masterpiece (1996) Verity Records
The most contemporary of Twinkie’s releases, Twinkie teamed with gospel jazz artist Ben Tankard to record collection of gems. This recording allowed her to stretch her smooth pop and relaxed R&B muscle to deliver such silky tracks as “Awesome”, “I Love You Lord”, “They That Wait” and “Bless You Real Good.”
Live In Charlotte (2002) Verity Records
Twinkie’s first official live recording which was her entry back into the biz after a six year hiatus. It was critically and commercially acclaimed. The project was nominated for a Grammy, Dove and Stellar and featured a reunion of The Clark Sisters. “Christ Is Coming Back,” “Worship The King” “Jesus Saves” and “Right Here With You” are some of the tracks on here.
Live in Detroit – Home Once Again (2004) Verity Records
Her most fully realized work to date. The production is top notch, the background singers are off the chain. We finally get an organ solo as the intro, which sets the tone for the project and clearly shows that Twinkie is the greatest organist in gospel music. From the funky “Everything You Need Is (right here) to the smooth “I’ll Hide Your Word,” it is a must have. The highlights is the 10 minute opus “I Made It,” featuring The Clark Sisters sounding incredible and the tribute to Dr. Mattie Moss Clark on “Whatsoever a Man Soweth” and “He Was Hung Up For My Hang Ups.”
Praise & Worship (2006) Verity/Legacy
This is a collection of praise and worship songs previously recorded by Twinkie on her "Masterpiece", "Live In Charlotte" and "Home Once Again" cds. Released on a subsidiary of Verity Records, these are some of her best recordings of the last decade. Songs such as "Worship The King", "Awesome", "I Love You Jesus" and "In Your Presence" are delivered with utter conviction. This project will lead you right to the throne room. It's up to you what you do when you get there.

With Humility (2011) Arrowhead Gospel
When an artist such as Elbertina “Twinkie” Clark uses the ultra modern production tool like auto tune – which she employs on her new album With Humility – it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows. After all, Clark is the daughter of legendary choir leader and spiritual leader Mattie Moss Clark and her uncle is Bill Moss of the group The Celestials. Clark herself has long been associated with The Clark Sisters – gospel legends in their own right. Clark’s organ playing earned her the nickname Queen of the Hammond B 3. Of course, Twinkie Clark and her three sisters can be viewed as a bridge between the music of her mother and uncle and work done by her niece, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard and her nephew James ‘J-Moss’ Moss. Both Sheard and Moss excel at fusing the contemporary R&B and hip-hop sound in their uncompromising style of gospel music.


Finally Karen (1997) Island Black Music
Karen Clark-Sheard stepped out of the shadow of her famed sisters with this masterpiece of a solo album. The live portion produced by Donald Lawrence and the studio songs produced by PAJAM, it was one of the most successful gospel albums of 1997. Included were “Balm In Gilead,” “Praise Party,” “A Praying Spirit” “Holy, Thou Art Holy” and “The Will of God,” where we were introduced to a nine year old Kierra Sheard. Finally Karen earned 9 Stellar Award nominations (4 of which she won), a Grammy nomination and the prestigious “Lady of Soul” Award at the 1998 Soul Train Music Awards. This project was also responsible for introducing a new generation to The Clark Sisters with their appearance on their classic "Jesus Is A Love Song".
Second Chance (2002) Elektra Records
Karen’s sophomore disc was created out of her testimony. Going in for a routine medical procedure, Karen slipped into a coma and the doctors gave her a 2% chance to live. After a miraculous recovery, she was inspired to write “It’s Not Over” and included production by Richard Smallwood, Missy Elliott and J. Moss. This was a more contemporary and slickly produced disc than her previous effort. In addition to the title track, standout cuts included “Only Call On Jesus” “Secret Place” “If I Can’t Say A Word” .
The Heavens are Telling (2003) Elektra Records
Karen wanted to focus on Praise and Worship for her next project and this was her way of telling God thank you for bringing her out of her situation. She revisited the production skills of Donald Lawrence and PAJAM for this one. She poured her soul into a remake of the Andrae Crouch classic “We Are Not Ashamed” featuring a guest appearance by Mary Mary. Daughter Kierra joined her on a remake of Jill Scott’s “You Love Me,” this time referring to God and not a man. Also included were the hits “Glorious", "God Is Here" (both previously recorded by Martha Munizzi), “We Acknowledge You”, “I Owe You” and the beautiful title track.
It’s Not Over – Live From Detroit (2006) Word Records
Using Praise and Worship producers Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey, Karen recorded her latest CD at her home church in Detroit, MI. Her best work since Finally, Karen, she was able to show her full mettle as an artist by fusing the contemporary and traditional seamlessly. “Rejoice and Be Glad,” “Show Me Your Glory” and “A Living Testimony” (produced by son J Drew) are standouts, but the highlight of the album is the live version of “It’s Not Over,” which she wrote and allows her to have church and really be the Karen we all love.
All In One (2010) Karew Records
is the fifth solo album by multiple Grammy and Stellar award winning gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard, released on April 6, 2010. The album debuted at #3 on the U.S. Billboard Gospel Albums chart and #98 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 albums chart and was the first album to be released on her own music label, Karew Records. The album's lead single - "Prayed Up" - peaked at #9 on the U.S. Billboard Gospel Songs chart and spent over 32 weeks on the chart. The album's Second Single He Knows (feat. Dorinda Clark- Cole) has currently peaked at #15 on the U.S. Billboard Gospel Songs chart. The album sold moderately well but still did not match its predecessor Finally Karen, which is Sheard's largest selling album to date. However, All in One received positive reviews from critics and gathered Grammy, Stellar, Dove, and BET Award nominations and remained a top seller on Billboard's Gospel Charts.


Dorinda Clark Cole (2002) Gospo Centric Records
This self-titled solo debut album from Dorinda Clark-Cole became an instant smash among fans and gospel music aficionados as it burst onto the scene just in time to sizzle through the summer of 2002. With co-writing credits on five out of the twelve tracks, Dorinda explores contemporary vocal/musical arrangements on the opening jam “If It Had Not Been for the Lord” and the funky “I’m Coming Out.” She remains faithful to her traditional gospel roots on album favorites such as “You Can’t Hurry God” and “You Can’t Take My Joy.” Dorinda takes us straight to church where the saints are reminded that there’s “Nobody like Jesus” and shares her testimony as she ministers to the hearts of many on “I’m Still Here.” The album’s half live and half studio tracks give listeners young and old the true essence of Dorinda in all aspects and the accompanying live DVD (Dorinda Clark-Cole Live) only enhances the experience as she aptly journeys through the album’s chart-topping hits.
The Rose of Gospel (2005) Gospo Centric Records
Recorded live during 2005’s Stellar Awards week, Dorinda’s latest project picks up where her debut left off with most of its eleven tracks (excluding the bonus spoken word track “The Word Becomes Flesh” showcasing Dorinda, the anointed preacher and evangelist) deeply imbedded in the old-time church Dorinda was born and raised in. The album’s thunderous entrance with “Great is the Lord” shows Dorinda’s creative vocal prowess at its best stacked overtop backing choir vocals from New Direction. Identifiable through this next phase of her ministry, Dorinda has clearly done it again. She continues to deliver encouragement, inspiration and empowerment on songs like the foot-stomping, hand-clapping “So Many Times,” the infectious horn-laced hit “Say Yes”, the relaxed adult-contemporary sound of “For the Rest of My Life” and the truly testimonial “Nobody but God.” Dorinda satisfies gospel tastes of all kinds with her unique brand of funky, jazz-influenced modern-day church music and keeps you wanting more from the appropriately renowned “Rose of Gospel.”
Take It Back (2008) Gospo Centric Records
Hot off the heels of the highly anticipated “Live One Last Time” reunion tour with her equally talented siblings, Grammy Award-winning Gospel music legends The Clark Sisters, Dorinda Clark Cole returns strong with her third solo release-a sonically trailblazing album full of inspiration and musical innovation packed with precision in an undeniably infectious set of eleven electrifying songs. Featuring production in her third time collaborations with Alex “Asaph” Ward and cousin, J. Moss of PAJAM, the release showcases Dorinda’s classic songwriting skills and high energy on “Got to Hold On,” an upgraded version of the ‘80s funk Dorinda created and ever so effortlessly glides over, and “It’s Okay,” a mellow neo-soul offering that highlights the Clark dynasty’s next generation of superstars with daughter Nikki Cole and nieces Kierra “KiKi” Sheard and Angel Chisholm. Standout tracks include the sensational “Yesterday,” featuring Karen Clark Sheard on background vocals and the Dorinda’s sincere prayer and alter call tune “Make Me Real.” If for any reason the public doubted this diva, trust and believe she’s back at it and stronger than ever.
In The Face of Change (2009) Harvestime Ministries
Released as a six song (EP) album, In The Face Of Change debuted in September 21. It included hit songs such as "Change" written by her son Gregory "Jay" Cole and "BAMM" which was a “Verizon Select”. Released on her own ministry label, "Harvestime Ministries", the album was never heard of until she announced it the day of its release. A video on YouTube has a preview of all of the new songs on the record.
I Survived (2011) Light Records
Grammy-winning contemporary gospel artist Dorinda Clark-Cole is ready to unveil I SURVIVED, her first full-length album since 2008's Take It Back. I SURVIVED premieres joyous and powerful new songs, including "God Will," "He Brought Me," "Holy One," "This Is Why," and the infectious lead single, “Back To You”. Recorded on the heels of a devastating house fire, and health scares for one family member and the loss of another, I SURVIVED is a declaration of perseverance, resilience, and an ever-growing faith in God.


Expectancy (2005) Entheos Records
As the much-anticipated solo debut from the soft spoken eldest sister of the Clark dynasty, the aptly titled Expectancy released on Detroit-based Entheos Records causes Jacky Clark-Chisholm to shine on a powerful package of worship oriented tracks that match her melodious style and pure vocal sincerity. The album features a rare and now classic duet with Ronald Winans on “I Have Decided” and the Caribbean-themed “We Are Overcomers.” Here Jacky is assisted by her sister Twinkie Clark and accompanied by dense choral harmonies, Trinidadian steel pans and Jamaican syncopations within the song’s confident lyrics. Jacky’s textured alto has a fresh and airy quality soaring through the opening cut “Oil of God” setting the atmosphere for worship on the rest of the album. Her sisters join her by bringing in elements of soul, blues and jazz to testify in true Clark style that the Lord is still “Blessing Me.” Jacky’s sweet mellow sound appears in a union of gospel and R&B on “My Soul Says Yes” before she concludes the project with “Bye Bye,” a loving tribute to the incomparable Dr. Mattie Moss Clark showcasing two of Jacky’s children, Aaron and Angel Chisholm, as they give listeners a glimpse into the bright future of the Clark dynasty.